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Company policy

The management of N&K GOLIOPOULOS SA recognises the importance of ESG policy, pays extra attention in health & safety of its workers and believes that sustainability should be implemented in all of its activities.

Quality Control

The company's philosophy is based in the values of service quality, consistency in deliverables, efficiency and devotion. Taking these into account, the company implements a Quality Management system according to ISO 9001:2015 International Standards, which covers all of its activities and seeks to continuous improvement of its operation.

In order to implement our philosophy, we try to achieve the following golas:

  • commitment for offering the appropriate and needed resources for the smooth, efficient and effective operation of each department.

  • providing our customers with high quality products while maintaining absolute confidentiality and professional ethics.

  • ensuring the continuous improvement of the quality of the provided items, through which we satisfy the growing demands of the customers.

  • the full satisfaction of the strict requirements for high quality, as they are formulated by the current legislation.

  • the development of a climate of trust between the company and its customers, forming a long-term, integrated and creative cooperation.

  • responding quickly and consistently to customer requirements without degrading the quality of services provided.

  • effectively reviewing and managing customer suggestions.

  • the immediate recognition of the need for education, training and specialization of employees.

  • the continuous review and improvement of the services and consequently of the whole Quality Management System.

  • setting Quality objectives, the achievement of which is reviewed annually.

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Health & Safety policy

The company ensures that it provides a healthy, appropriate and safe working environment for its staff by taking measures to effectively manage and continuously improve the level of safety and health in its activities in order to minimize or eliminate potential risks.


The Safety and Health of our employees as well as third parties is an integral part of the organization at all levels of activities. The prevention of accidents and diseases precedes productivity or any other functional element.


The management of the company is committed to:

  • ensuring Safety and Health.

  • managing possible changes based on Employee Safety and Health.

  • compliance with Laws and Regulations in the workplace.

  • allocation of the required resources and logistical infrastructure providing all the necessary equipment so that the Safety, Health and Welfare of the staff of the organization as well as third parties to comply with the highest standards.

  • the continuous training of its staff in general and specific issues of safety and health at work.

  • investigating all events regardless of frequency and severity.

  • the continuous monitoring, documentation and evaluation of Occupational Safety & Health and the review of this Policy with the aim of continuously improving the level of safety.


For all the above, it has adopted a Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001: 2007, for immediate recognition of the risks that exist in the activities of the organization, which complies with the best practices and is applied by all independent personnel.

Our company places the wellbeing of the worker at the centre of the production process and uses new technologies to provide prosperity beyond jobs as aimed in Industry 5.0.

Environmental Policy

The company's policy is to operate with respect for the environment and for this reason it implements the Environmental Management System ISO 14001: 2015.

The aim of the company is to promote environmental awareness and responsibility, to all employees.


The management of the company is committed to:

  • ensuring Environmental Policy through the EMS (Environmental Management System).

  • environmental protection.

  • the full application the environmental requirements as well as to the requirements of the standards.

  • the implementation of an effective program of environmental management, prevention of environmental pollution, creation of mechanisms for improvement and monitoring of environmental parameters.

  • the management of possible changes based on the Environmental Policy.

  • compliance with existing legislation

  • full knowledge of the environmental impact of the production process.

  • take all appropriate measures to minimize the environmental impact.

  • taking measures to prevent environmental incidents.

  • allocation of the required resources and logistical infrastructure providing a comprehensive environmental management program.

  • the continuous training of its staff in general and specific issues of environmental management as well as in the necessity of environmental management.

  • the cooperating companies to have all the necessary licenses and to follow management practices in accordance with the current legislation.

  • the continuous monitoring, documentation and evaluation of environmental performance, staff training and the review of this Policy with the aim of continuous improvement.

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